Great visual storytelling is at the heart just as imagination is in the soul of POW! Productions. Our concepts draw upon our in-depth understanding and continuous education of effective visual storytelling using classic filmmaking methods and modern cinematic techniques to craft truly memorable content for you, your business, and your target audience. Are you truly ready to effectively engage your audience with visual storytelling?


Cut through the noise and stand out among your competition with a powerful in-depth concept. POW! Productions strives to make every second exciting and engaging from fade in to fade out.


Cinematic films, both shorts and features are POW! Productions original bread & butter. We create moments to be remembered and films that viewers will want to watch again and again.


Visual storytelling is used to engage your audience across all media platforms. If your content isn’t the most engaging, someone else’s will be. Audiences need to be entertained.

"I have worked with many directors from Los Angeles to Chicago and I count Ryan Olsen as one of the best among them. He manages a rare balance providing ample guidance while still allowing room for actors to explore a role. Ryan’s extreme attention to detail makes it easy to inhabit the world he’s created. Most of all, he cares for his actors and their welfare on-set which makes it easy to do one’s best work. Seriously, I can't say enough about [his] direction, leading up and into the shoot. Rarely, have I worked with a director that had such a specific idea of what he wanted for the role without being a dictator. Just an awesome process."

Eric Moyer
Short Film, ‘Say Goodbye, Grace’

“Ryan and his production company did a tremendous job. It was done professionally and we couldn’t be more happy with the end product. Ryan was excellent to work with, tenacious about his vision for the spot and relentless about getting it done right.  I would recommend working with POW! Productions.”

Laurie Klosterboer
Executive Director
Nebraska Safety Council

“Ryan Olsen has a knack for storytelling and a passion for the craft of filmmaking. While visiting a POW! shoot, I was impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the crew, and by Ryan’s command of the entire production. I’m looking forward to working with Ryan and his team again soon.”

Anthony Banks
Creative Director
Local Hero Design

“I had the pleasure of working with Ryan Olsen and POW! Productions on the film, “Say Goodbye, Grace.” My first impression was that the atmosphere on set and the production were both very professional. Ryan assembled a very professional and talented cast and crew and I felt honored to be working with them. On set, it felt like everyone was one the same page and working toward the same goal.

As a director, Ryan had a very clear and fully developed artistic vision for the project. It was clear though working with Ryan and observing that the story, costumes, and make-up were all well considered and I’m excited to see the editing choices. Ryan gave his actors room to bring out their performances and the cast was very talented.”

Dan Buhrdorf
Short Film, ‘Say Goodbye, Grace’

“Ryan and the (POW! Productions) crew are a phenomenal group of creatives. Not only are they talented in their fields and headed towards a bright future in the industry, but they're friendly and welcoming individuals. I was blessed with the opportunity to work with them this past summer and experience a well oiled machine of a film crew. Ryan's leadership was clearly rooted in fine experience. Excited to see their coming short film, and to see what projects they have coming in the future.”

Jonnathon Zimmerman
Production Assistant
Short Film, ‘Say Goodbye, Grace’

“Upon my initial meeting with Ryan Olsen, I’d found him to be a very organized. I thought, ‘Wow-he knows precisely what he wants to create and knows how to take the steps to make it all happen.’ I was very impressed! The more I worked with Ryan, the more impressed I was at every turn. Problem-solving seems to come very easily to Ryan as well as creating visual imagery with impact and originality. Ryan hired me to build costumes for his short film, ‘Say Goodbye, Grace’. Ryan gave me very clear ideas of what he wanted for the characters and I felt that we worked very well together. I will hope that I can work on additional projects with Ryan. I found him to be very creative, original, smart with a lot of energy! POW! Productions is proving to be a gem of a production company that will successfully handle any project that they are given!”

Carole M. Zacek
Costume Designer
Short Film, ‘Say Goodbye, Grace’

“I was part of a Ryan Olsen and POW! Productions-produced movie, ‘Say Goodbye, Grace’ shot in Lincoln and Omaha in the summer of 2016. Not only was it professional, through and through, but the staffers Ryan surrounds himself with are top-notch talent, just like he was throughout the shoot. His attention to detail and terrific management style make him a perfect fit for the often chaotic and hectic film industry.”

Sean Weide
Short Film, ‘Say Goodbye, Grace’

“This was my first time working with Ryan and POW! Productions. It was an incredible experience throughout the production of ‘Say Goodbye, Grace’. This was my first time working on a film set as a makeup artist and Ryan put me at ease everyday we walked on set. I gained not only experience and knowledge from this but future opportunities as well!”

Mikayla Moore
Key Make-Up Artist
Short Film, ‘Say Goodbye, Grace’

“Working with Ryan and POW! Productions has been an absolute pleasure. Regardless of whatever budget he is given he is able to act professionally and operate and entire crew of people with ease. Our companies worked together previously on a local commercial and the end product was fabulous and the process was easy! Would definitely recommend and would work with again!”

Peter Barnes

“I had so much fun working on the POW! Production commercial for The Hot Mess. Ryan is professional and very clear about his expectations, but also easy going which is a hard balance for a director! Very impressive.”

Katherine Houlden


"This crew knows their stuff and does things the ‘right way’. The level of planning and accommodations on a POW! set is on par with any production I’ve worked on the coast. The best part is that this team really loves working together and it shows."

Eric Moyer
Short Film, ‘Say Goodbye, Grace’

“We think we understand the rules when we become adults but what we really experience is a narrowing of the imagination.”  – David Lynch