About POW! Productions


POW! Productions was founded in 2011 by Ryan N. Olsen, a Nebraska native with the aspirations of becoming a filmmaker and hopes to one day build a movie studio in the Great Plains.

With a focus on narrative films, both short and feature, POW! has been involved in making everything from music videos to online contests, to public service announcements to in-house promotional material. We are constantly striving to make the next video more appealing, more engaging, and more effective than the previous. We continue our education, as well as our experience, by always looking for the next big project.

Having worked with many creative individuals and creative firms, POW! has curated a list of the most talented cinematographers, gaffers, sound engineers, actors, location scouts, prop masters, make-up artists, hair stylists, costume designers, editors, graphic artists, and film crews to best suit whatever your idea needs to make it truly memorable. We are also well versed in the legalities of shutting down streets with permits and securing expensive locations as well as resolving any red tape that may be involved.

To put it simply, POW! Productions is passionate about visual storytelling and keeping your audience engaged.

Ryan Olsen - Owner
Ryan Olsen - Owner


Ryan N. Olsen is no stranger to the video production & filmmaking industry. His love for visual storytelling was honed while studying film at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and on countless film sets over the years. A devout cinephile, a constant student of the craft, and an active member of the Midwest film community, Ryan believes in letting his work, and the results they bring, speak for themselves.

“My idea of professionalism is probably a lot of people’s idea of obsessive.”
– David Fincher